Exciting, vibrant, colorful art prints and home accessories

Hello there. Thanks for dropping by!

I'm Trevor and I'm a designer and artist based in Brighton in the United Kingdom. I like to create exciting and vibrant art, influenced by all sorts of stuff from graffiti to modernist architecture to mid-century modern forms.

I hope you enjoy browsing this selection of stuff that I've created. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.Buy framed art via Society6: https://bit.ly/3sY4OZT

If you've bought something feel free to share it here in a review, or on Instagram (tag it with @trvrmy or #trevormayart). I love to see where my stuff goes to live around the world!

Talking of instagram, feel free to follow me there for updates! https://instagram.com/trvrmy


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